Spiritual Direction

What if you could unapologetically live from your authentic core?

Over the last several years, through assessments, teaching and sitting with people in individual sessions, I have been privileged to watch women and men experience freedom as they made discoveries about who God created them to be. A number of individuals, at a crossroads, came looking for anything that would catapult them in one direction or the other. As I listened to them and thought back on my own journey, I began to dream about creating a place where people could feel safe as they hung suspended in the Great Mystery, being asked to live beyond answers and in trust of asking the right questions. I imagined a place where they could talk, process and become more spiritually present. After a several year process of researching and then training, I found that Spiritual Direction is that place.

What is Spiritual Direction?

It is not an easy question to answer, because each session is so distinctive. In a broad sense, Individual Spiritual Direction is a relationship between two persons, each seeking intimacy with God. The more seasoned “director” creates a sacred, listening space for the directee to talk through the things that are pertinent to his or her spiritual journey. The director occasionally asks non-leading questions that may assist the directee in simply being rather than striving to become. Together, they look at how God’s Spirit may be prompting or leading the session.

Spiritual Direction, at it’s best, is coming home to one’s truest, God created self to find a more embracing, compassionate heart.

Who is Lisa Baker?

It seems that all of my life, I have had an insatiable yearning for union with God. Even now, as I write the words, I cannot catch my breath. In what ways would my life have to change? Could I ever trust enough to let go of control and the need to “get it right”? I do not know. But what I do know is this: God’s love is big enough to include all of me, whether light or shadow. And I have discerned that communing with Spirit is vastly more intimate when I am vulnerable and real.
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“The idea of the spiritual director as midwife appeals to me, for I would like to emulate Shiphrah and Puah in their courage and commitment.”

“The midwife is present to another in a time of vulnerability, working in areas that are deep and intimate. It is a relationship of trust and mutual respect. “

-Holy Listening, Margaret Guenther

Lisa Baker
Spiritual Director