A Surprise Visit

What are some of the ways you’ve noticed a surprise visit from Great Spirit? Did the Holy ever come as Owl, screeching truth, in the wee hours? Of course, how else could you have prepared yourself with such a wise response? 

When did you feel compelled to get back to the Source of your creation? How did you pull up courage enough to let go of River’s bank? Was it studying the ways of Salmon that led you to follow the fish upstream toward home?

But your community was on the shore. Did you hear Presence say, “You will never be alone?” Was it a never-before-heard voice in the night, or perhaps a message in the consistency of Sun rising each morning? 

When Fire blazed, Water poured, Wind whipped and Earth quaked, what kept you from jumping to sound the alarm? Was it True Self tapping your shoulder? Or maybe you remembered Elijah’s experience with the Holy Ghost? Is that why you waited to hear the still, small voice? 

And what led you to trust discernment over hard evidence? Did Spirit come as Seer or perhaps Kit Fox? How did you explain your knowing of what was to come, so decision makers might consider a different course of action? 

Now, for a more difficult question: How did you keep your compassion for those who intentionally hurt you? Was it a surprise visit from Spirit through a sacred text that fueled your joy? Your gratitude?

Or was it when you began sensing trees responding to your attentive gaze? When the branches vibrated without any help from Wind? 

What was it like being counseled by Holy Spirit as you walked The Way of love? In what ways did She comfort you when Life was stripping you of every thing, but love?

How did Spirit’s surprise visit help you understand that the God without and the Sacred within were collaborating with you, as True Self, all along? 

Making Spirit Flesh*

What questions would you ask a mystic, sage, shaman, saint…? 

What questions do you hope to awaken in other people when you die?