Spiritual Mentoring

Making spirit flesh…that’s what happens when we live from the Sacred within. I was reading Spirit Clans, by David Carson, when the phrase first caught my eye.

My hope is that by participating in Spiritual Mentoring, you will find courage to live as a healed, whole, free and empowered individual. In preparing for each session, I picture mentor and mentee communing as souls, while journeying home to a truer Self.

Regardless of ethnicity, race, gender identity, political leanings or religious beliefs, my intention is to meet soul to soul, letting external labels fade away. It is up to you, the mentee, how vulnerable the sessions will be.

More often than not, mentees come struggling with issues in their everyday lives. That’s all right. At times; however, sessions turn to the otherworldly, such as mystical experiences or being drawn to the spirit world through nature.

Though sessions may include some teaching, my focus is on mining wisdom from life experiences rather than acquiring more knowledge. The intention of my practice is personal transformation and becoming a light-filled presence in the world.

Spiritual Mentoring encourages awareness. In short, it is about waking up.

Who is Lisa Baker?

When the Dark Night of the Soul offered to shatter my illusions, I accepted the invitation. Nine years later, I emerged a truer version of Self.

Healing, wholeness and freedom were some of the words that drew my attention during that time. To embrace those traits, as my own, I had to be broken. The tearing down and stripping away, eventually led to finding a more empowering Sacred within.

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Why Spiritual Mentoring?

Sometimes dreams, mystical experiences and shifts in consciousness separate us from people in our communities, who are unaccustomed with such. We may find ourselves on the fringes or no longer belonging at all. Spiritual Mentoring can offer a safe place to look at what is happening and examine our options in moving forward.

How does Mentoring differ from Spiritual Direction?

Mentoring sessions are looser. When conversations alone are not the preferred processing style, hiking, bodywork, art and various tools offer creative ways to examine our lives.

What can I expect in Spiritual Mentoring?

Because each person is unique, I customize sessions based on the individual.

My mentoring sessions may include:

  • Exploring messages from spirit guides and teachers
  • Dreamtime – (shamanic journeying or imaginative prayer)
  • Nighttime Dreams – Exploring possible messages
  • Purposeful Dreams –  Setting intentions for living into aspirations
  • Art – Letting the creative process uncover unconscious parts of self/Self
  • Archetypes – Using an informal approach of paying attention to animals
  • Nature –  Considering messages from nature
  • Life Experiences – Looking for encouraging or disturbing patterns in life experiences

Mentoring/Teaching Sessions

To name where you are, and define how to move forward, I offer several options:

  • Readings using Medicine Cards
  • A formal study of twelve common Archetypes
  • Exploring a Native American Medicine Wheel
  • Discovering Self – Who am I?
  • Temperament assessments to explore traits and preferences

In the beginning, assessments can be helpful in giving a starting language. After defining individuality, individuals can better understand how to be a vibrant part of the whole.

Is Spiritual Direction for me?

If you answer yes, or are intrigued by any of the following questions, you may want to consider Spiritual Direction.

  • Are you restless?
  • Has success left you wanting something deeper?
  • Does small talk exhaust you?
  • Do you long for extended times in nature?
  • Are you considering a major life change?
  • Have you sensed an ongoing desire to challenge status quo?
  • Do you yearn for intimacy with Life?
  • Are you holding back or dumbing down, in order to keep the peace or belong ?
  • Have you erased one, or more, of your previous dividing lines, because you are becoming more inclusive?
  • Does union with Infinite Love draw your attention more than outer measurements of approval?
  • Are your problems bigger than your tried and true answers?
  • Have you sensed Mystery beckoning you?
  • Do you find descriptions of God, or a Higher Being, insufficient?
  • Are you mentally pushing the parameters of a long-held belief system?
  • Have you found yourself oddly drawn toward suffering?
  • Do you operate from the fringes, not quite belonging, because your ideas are different or your thinking is expansive?
  • Are you willing to admit or even embrace your shadows, rather than thinking that you must completely overcome them, to be worthy?
  • Have you lost interest in answers, preferring questions and possibilities?
  • Do you challenge status quo with authenticity?
  • Are you discovering that in recognizing your shortcomings, you are more compassionate toward others?
  • Have you caught glimpses of a gift in what other people have pointed out, to you, as a fault?
  • Are you intrigued with the lives of mystics or shamans?

Is there a cost for Spiritual Mentoring/Direction?

Lisa’s rate is $60.00 per hour. Contact her at lisa@SacredWithin.Us.

Contact Lisa

For Spiritual Mentoring in person, by phone or Zoom, contact Lisa at lisa@SacredWithin.Us.