Lisa’s Journey

When the Dark Night of the Soul offered to shatter my illusions, I accepted the invitation. Nine years later, I emerged a truer Self.

Healing, wholeness and freedom were some of the words that drew my attention during that time. To be healed, whole and free; however, I had to wake up to my wounds, inconsistencies and imprisonment.

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It was in the tearing down and stripping away that I discovered a more empowering Sacred within.

I hear the phrase, dark night of the soul, casually tossed about, as if it were synonymous with enduring a difficult time in life. It is not the same.

Though endurance and existential depression were a part of my experience, I had a choice to accept or reject brokenness. I chose to go into the dark and let Life break open my outer shell. In doing so, I discovered a light within.

In my Christian tradition, I increasingly found an invitation not so much in Jesus’ divinity, but in his humanity. The way he embodied love and suffered in doing so. For me, it was a revelation of the powerful Sacred within all of us, to the degree we are willing to transform.

I also loved the way Jesus spent so much time in nature.

Likewise, when I found little external support, I turned to nature. It was my sanctuary. Eventually, I heard nature calling me back to the lively spirit world I knew as a child. There, I discovered a truer Self.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve turned to nature, art and writing when circumstances challenged me. I rarely found the immediate clarity that I received from external authorities, but rather something more. I learned to be comfortable with mystery as I listened to the teacher inside of me.

Art and writing have been faithful companions. Throughout my life, they have revealed my personal contradictions and also my hidden strengths. They have uncovered harmful energy and hinted at how to redirect it in soul-feeding ways.

For years, people have called me religious and/or spiritual. I suppose my strong leanings toward spirituality, while being in religious environments for so long, invited such labels. My intention; nonetheless, is to simply be a better human being.

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