About Lisa B. Baker

Lisa B. Baker has been called a pioneer, a developer, a creator and a seeker. With each endeavor she has been a catalyst in moving others closer to their spiritual authenticity by responding to their God created design.

While working towards her degree in Fine Arts, Lisa realized that it was more about the expression of her spiritual journey than the actual artistic medium or technique. She spent thirteen years ministering to others through dance exercise and found that by bringing her body into worship and attempting to love the Lord with all of her heart, soul and strength, her faith was deepened.

Since 2004, Lisa has assisted people in understanding who they are at their core and how they might purpose their lives. Through teaching and in her one to one sessions with individuals, she saw the need for safe places where people could talk; process and wait to experience Divine direction. In 2012, Lisa began her Spiritual Direction practice in which she creates a sacred space where individuals can tend to the holy rumblings within, while learning to be more spiritually present in their everyday lives.

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For Spiritual Direction in person, by phone or Skype, contact Lisa using the form below or by email at lisa@SacredWithin.Us.

Lisa Baker
Spiritual Director