Are You Coming?

Wolf asked, “Are you coming?” 

“Yes,” I replied. ”Where are we going?”

“Deep imaginative prayer”

Pathfinder Wolf was standing at the veil between this world and the spirit world. Though it all resides together, many individuals choose to remain in what they know and what they can define. 

Healthy religion invites us to take a personal journey by starting us out with a storyline, guidance, disciplines and a sense of belonging. Even so, no one else can take our journeys for us. More often than not, feeling alone in a dark night of the soul, draws us deeper into the spirit world.

Perhaps that is why so often, people prefer daytime distractions over the quieter, darker hours. There are too many unknowns when meeting Great Mystery in the dark. 

Deep imaginative prayer, or Dreamtime, connects us to the workings of the otherworldly. It also raises our energy to healing vibration levels. 

Because we are both human and divine, our souls long to connect with Spirit’s many expressions. Seeing the Holy differently than you’ve always pictured, can be unnerving at first and then outright comical. 

Why not let yourself awaken to playfulness? After all, laughter is medicine and healing brings wholeness, does it not?

In Dreamtime, you can express all of your negativity and watch the words burn in a purifying fire, until all that remains is your truest intention. Then, back in ordinary reality, you are not only a safer person to be around, but you exude a contagious joy to other people.  

The Holy is not bound by space or time and neither are our souls. Taking time, each day, to let the spirit world surprise us, infuses our lives with hope, power and laughter.

If we can let go of fear and our need to control, we just might free ourselves from unnecessary burdens, so that we are able to bring vitality into the current circumstances of our lives.

Deep imaginative prayer, does not eliminate our problems. It does, however, change us, how we view darker times and how we respond.

Wolf asked, “Are you coming?”


Making Spirit Flesh*

What are some of the varied expressions of Spirit you’ve experienced?

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