At the Pleasure

Far down the trail a flower stands. I wonder if anyone else will see the bloom. Does the flower care or simply serve at the pleasure of this grand universe?

Every day I see plants and animals being who they are. Young rabbits chase each other and junipers sway in the breeze. I ask them to teach me, since they seem to know the way, better than I.

There is a legend about natives who were starving and cold. Their tribe was near extinction. Antelope offered herself to them. “Eat my meat and cover your bodies with my hide,” she said. In this legend, Antelope gave her life to physically save the human race. 

Pause, and let yourself feel the difference between love and possessiveness. One opens us to the freedom of both giving and receiving. The other distracts us from all the delicate nuances that first drew us. 

The problem with becoming overly identified with a language or group, is that frequently we cannot hear a similar message in any other language or from any other group. Instead of discerning, we measure. 

Christians believe that Jesus is the way to spiritual salvation. If we put beliefs aside; however, and consider either Jesus or Antelope as the savior archetype our question shifts from what do I think, to who am I and what do I have to give?

Rather than imposing beliefs on other people, we focus on being who we are and offering ourselves as little saviors.

Jesus was born in a manger which showed us how to birth our dreams and longings in humility. He modeled, through death on a cross, how to sacrifice privilege, for the sake of other people. Jesus died, leaving behind a spirit of infinite love.

Rational, religious minds need to know that something fits within a particular theology. That is all right. And also, what difference do our ideologies make if they are not transforming us?

Oh, to be like Flower and simply serve at the pleasure.

Sacred Ruminations*

Savior archetype begs the question: What spirit will I leave behind?