Realizing the dream of a better world lies in both our self-care and rebirth. Through death’s initiation, Bat inducts those who are willing, into a group known as the wounded healers.

Nature deems bats as good. Still, we do not want to share our homes with them. Inside, where we sleep and eat, the creatures are surely misplaced. And so is some of the refuse that occupies our time?

Maybe we allow our minds to repeatedly loop around destructive thoughts. Perhaps we, or another person is in an ill-suited position, turning life upside down for everyone. Differentiating to what or whom negative energy belongs is a start. Then, we can discern how to channel our liveliness.

Bat guano holds valuable records of climate change. It is a rich fertilizer. Nonetheless, in the wrong quantities or place, bat dung is toxic. And so is the poisonous residue we emit onto other people, when we fail to address the dearth side of our strengths.

Shaman’s initiation involves walking through death-like circumstances. Before an anointing ceremony, tribal members in some indigenous cultures spit on and defecate around the shaman to be.

Though we probably will not have to endure that physical experience, to release powerful, healing medicine, we will go through the psychological equivalent. Self-care, dropping blame of those who taunt us and living a better world into being keeps us moving forward.

On the other side of what feels like near death and in our best moments, we find ourselves able to forgive and perhaps even bless those who have mistreated us. For when we live from grateful hearts, we realize that through the most terrible experiences we found courage, strength or perhaps freedom from an unforeseen catastrophe.

Turning our shadow sides around can feel like a long slow demise, but when we do, we become transformers. We have confidence in the Sacred within and trust that Infinite Love, all around us, offers ongoing fresh starts filled with opportunities to bring healing to our world.

How much do you want a better world? Bat waits.

Sacred Sensations*

Inhale through your nose, inviting authenticity to fill your entire being.

Exhale, through your mouth, releasing fear and scarcity.