Hummingbirds model bliss. Experiencing euphoria; however, is not reserved for these little creatures alone. Feather, furry and scaly ones often play. Many children, and some adults, seem to be in on the secret, as well.

I remember an early experience that called me toward adulthood. As I considered my response to the unfairness of life, I listened as my sister played. For a brief moment, I longed to be eight years younger, like she, oblivious to how deeply a teenage heart could hurt.

Though I wanted my sorrow to go away, I also wanted to press forward. Somehow I knew that this was a part of my growing up.

As adults, we go to great lengths to recapture the feelings of our blissful childhoods. Perhaps the better approach is to move forward and through. 

Here is one dictionary’s definition of bliss: 

Bliss – a state of spiritual blessedness, typically that reached after death

What needs to die, so that I can joyfully live? It is a question to consider, if we want to live in childlike wonder. When we are willing to let go of our overly emotional attachments to things in the outer world, we discover what is alive inside of us. Then, we become open to fresh and different possibilities.

Much of what we do in pursuit of exhilaration is in the external. Outer things thrill us, sure enough. That being said, when we live from the Sacred within, we invite the most ordinary things to have energy and meaning. 

We can invite bliss by loosening our tight hold on things, like always needing:

To be happy. Acknowledge pain of suffering and then choose joy.

To be liked. Refuse to acquiesce only for the sake of other people’s approval. Instead, live into a truer Self.

To have clarity. Walk into the unknown, when your heart is no longer in an endeavor. Wait for synchronicity and watch what comes along.

We know how to fight for what we want. Do we know how to trust and sip the sweet nectar? Hummingbirds do. Maybe that is the reason they enjoy bliss?

Making Spirit Flesh

Who or what encourages wonder, joy and bliss in you?