Breath of God

It felt like the breath of God. A pair of ravens flew toward the arroyo. One dipped down and flew back up with a glimpse of the future. The other lifted a corner of the past.

Then, as if someone had choreographed their flight, they glided toward each other, until they met in front of me. “Be here, right now and watch space and time yield”. Their message was timely for any day, especially a sabbath.

Although I was in the dry desert, a spring flowed generously within. I sat stunned over what the ravens had brought to me.

All week, I had challenged myself processing thoughts, doing and giving. Now, it was Sabbath, the spacious day for being when mind, body and spirit once again, collect.

A hawk flew high above guiding my eyes to a broader view. As I quieted the louder thoughts and allowed my contemplative mind rising privileges, awareness deepened.

I emptied myself of any agenda and invited Spirit to freely flow. Extending the invitation was, in fact, readying myself to receive what was already all around and within, breath of God.

The ravens and hawk encouraged me to trust Sacred within just as they trusted the unseen wind. The way they gave no thought to their wings failing them, invigorated bravery in me regarding my own authenticity.

Time passed. Owl left her night perch to echo Sabbath’s wonder in the middle of an ordinary day. I did not have to wait for another Sabbath to be in awe.

Later, I reflected on some of the things that have caused me to hold my breath and realized how failing to exhale restrains me from experiencing sacredness in all things. Just the thought, stimulated several deep breaths and an image of inhaling the very breath of God.

Sacred Ruminations*