Buffalo Clouds

Like the rumbling of bisons’ hooves, thunder excites us. Maybe today rain will satisfy our parched land. And whether or not buffalo clouds pour relief on our desert floor, they give us hope.

Indigenous Americans showed respect for the gift of a herd passing through, by using every part of any bison they killed. In contrast, people less connected to the land, stripped the animal of its hide, wasting all else. Sometimes our actions are the purest form of gratitude. 

 And this is how we co-create: Our choices today, contribute to the creation of our world and its abundance, tomorrow.

It is not only being connected to the land; but seeing Creator’s image in everything, or having reverence for all. Once we glimpse ourselves as a part of the whole, we live with different intentions.

Then our hopes and dreams are more organic because we live in relationship with them. Each day we wake up wondering what experience or person will be a part of our dreams coming to fruition? 

We look at dissenting circumstances through a slightly different lens, too. After all, what if the answer comes in an unexpected form? The gift may be somewhere inside the shadow.

Clouds blow in and out. Storms annihilate one area and quench the thirst of another. If nature teaches us one thing, it is endurance. Nature may adapt or persevere, but it always endures.

Deep satisfaction does not come in seeing our dreams come true, but rather in wanting them after we’ve gotten them. Often fulfilled dreams offer much more of a boon than what we originally envisioned. If; however, we fail to develop alongside them, we miss the added godsend.

Driving to an end result does not require us to be present. To grow with our dreams, is to be connected the Holy.

It is about much more than merely getting what we want.

Buffalo clouds blow in, holding abundance. During long periods of drought, we think back to the times we danced for rain and enjoyed a downpour and trust that this too shall pass. 

Sacred Ruminations*

How might you show gratitude today, thus creating abundance for tomorrow?