Every day, Life invites us to co-create the future. What are we initiating? How are we responding?

The biggest black bird of them all lay dying in our backyard. A conspiracy of ravens was there with him. 

After his passing, I moved his body. Immediately, curious dogs arrived, but not just canines. An unkindness of ravens made their noisy entrance, confronting the dogs and me.  When I moved the carcass to a safer place, the corvids dispersed.

These ravens did not squawk elsewhere. Instead, they came directly to the dogs and me. I wondered if I would have done likewise or escalated the situation by name calling or involving outsiders? 

Confrontations can be relational invitations. More often; however, we feel attacked, so we react defensively rather than acting from the power of Sacred within. 

Just as people call a group of ravens a conspiracy or an unkindness, we drop derogatory names on individuals we want to shame and separate as other. Sometimes, we involve outsiders, in hopes that they will either smooth things over or do our dirty work for us.

Are we more comfortable agitating situations and breaking trust bonds, than changing things one event and one relationship at a time? Raven gave me a bird’s eye view. 

How I respond today, co-creates tomorrow. 

Soul is clear about what it wants. Am I? Are we? And how does that impact the future?

“Controlling behavior generally goes hand in hand with an unwillingness to be direct about what you want, as well as an inability to let go and let people live their own lives.” Madison Taylor, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Daily Om

Sacred within us knows that how we treat other people, is how we honor, or dishonor both ourselves and the whole. When we work from ulterior motives or through other people, we may need to address our personal wounds, insecurities, fears, etc.

Days later, the same rave of corvids flew over their loved one’s remains. I smiled, for they had invited me to co-create a magical moment that memorialized a life.

Making Spirit Flesh*

What can you do to be as intentional in your responses, as you are regarding the things you initiate?