Confident Knowing

Summer’s electricity jolts us forward. There, Moose bellows out a melancholy sound through fall’s vibrant colors, inviting us into winter and confident Knowing. In answering Moose’s call, I found a surprise community, too.

Chilly, dark nights come in different forms, literal and not. In the latter, Knowing lies deep within endings, losses and betrayals. On the journey through, we may discover our closest friends.

It was in my dark night that Integrity, Compassion and Humor showed their ability to companion me on toward Knowing. They encouraged me to continue, in spite of obstacles that blocked out Night’s twinkling spots of hope and her grand, bright promise of day.

In personal times of deepening, we may lapse. That is when Moose rears her head and cries, from the shadows as she models how to maneuver around in the void. 

Moose clumsily dives down to feed on vegetation and then rises from the water to walk on land. As awkward as it may feel, we, too, must dive into the unknown, feed on nourishing values and then emerge to function, in everyday reality.

Confidence, without Integrity looks a lot like inflated ego. It is only in turning our duplicitousness into wholeness that we will reappear in the light, as part of the light. 

Compassion takes us through a series of losses until we embrace her gift with generosity toward others. This is transformation. As we trust Compassion’s work, in our own lives, we begin seeing wounded ones and offering allowances for their mistakes, and our own.

Finally, Humor guides us back through memories to make joyous peace with our stories. It no longer matters who was right or wrong, but rather that we were faithful to the conversion process.

One day, we wake up to realize that together with friends like Integrity, Compassion and Humor, we moved through the seasons of life, again and again, to finally settle in with a confident Knowing. We look over to see Moose nod her head, as if to say, you’re welcome.

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Sacred Ruminations*

Spirit appears though many images, coaxing us through darkness to find our inner light, an inner Knowing. For me, Moose was a rare and magnificent sighting. How has Spirit come to you?

Do you want the Light enough to risk entering the dark? If you have been through a personal cold, dark night of the soul, what friends (attributes) companioned you, through? What do you now confidently Know?