Creation; Part Five

Creation, Part Five

I eagerly rose to see Spirit’s painting for me. As earth turned from night, loyal sun illuminated sky with light, faithfully marking time, sacred.

In the soft early morn, brother sun taught me of God’s love. Sister moon had not been sufficiently tucked into the day before I heard echoes of Copernicus, Francis and God. I marveled at the many teachers from whom I had learned.

Consistent sun rose hot and high, signaling me to busy myself with work. I worked in fervor, allowing the prideful sweat to define my worth and to add temporary increase to my life. I exhausted myself, yet could I be here, without once being there?

The day progressed and fiery sky spontaneously expressed Spirit’s joy. The colors begged me to be, so that I might be done unto. Dramatic sky blessed me with a humble pause and I questioned myself in uncertainty. Perhaps life is both ordered and free.

Time ticks on. Have I been present enough to experience the sacredness of each hour? Now, I find myself, under evening’s eerie sky, clothed in little but my own feeble trust. God assures me that I am secure in Love. I believe, but as the darkness thickens, I do not.

And then stars shoot out from Spirit’s vault reminding me that Mystery is vested in the night. In each phase of time, it seems that I know less; yet the unlearning has gifted me with a greater Knowing than ever before. I breathe in Presence while creation continues marking sacred times. There, resides Love.

Click here to read Genesis 1:14-19

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