Creation; Part Four

Creation; Part Four

Limitless Mystery in light and dark
Created dry land to define cool streams
God said, “Separate. Distinguish. Name.”
While Spirit ceremoniously wed

In vibrant tension, differences meshed
Creation’s seeds labored in birth
Earth’s colors made absurdities new
As it’s holy pages I turned

Then my counterparts begged to wed
And display their ludicrous palette anew
Fear said, “Separate. Distinguish. Judge.”
While Presence called my full name

From mosaic structures of contrasts within
A lively fountain of hope springs up
As I let go of who I was
To find whom I’d always been

I am night and I am day
Streams flow through my desert land
Seeds to trees, under which I bask
As I consider tension, friend

Read Genesis 1:9-13

Sacred Ruminations*