Creation; Part Six

Creation; Part Six

Spirit plunged deep into the mysterious waters, too deep for me to see. 
Soon beautiful creatures emerged, inviting me into the profound depths.

Then Spirit climbed the expanse into the air between heaven and earth. 
In the vast breadth, winged birds appeared, soaring in a pattern that resembled a stitching together of sorts. Perhaps it was a mending of heaven and earth.

I dove into the waters, following the fish toward the sea’s bottom. 
The journey took me beyond things that I knew. 
Mystery welcomed me into the dark. 
I could see nothing; and as frightened as I was, I took the outstretched hand. My mind was panicked, but my heart knew to reach. In that moment, something was conceived. It felt scary, but right.

Up into the air, I soared with the birds and cried,

“Take me up and let me live in wonder, inviting others from afar.”

Without a sound, the birds took me through their stitching pattern. When my feet were back on the ground, it dawned on me: plunge the depths, soar the heights and bring “life” to yourself and others.

I followed the fish. I mirrored the birds. And life was born into my day.

“…Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.”
From Ephesians 3:18-19; MSG

Sacred Ruminations*

What would it look like, if you embraced life from the depths to the heights?