Creation; Part Seven

Creation; Part Seven

Deep intuitive Knowing does not reside in the mind, but rather in one’s heart. It is hidden in that place that quietly pulsates blue, then purple and magenta, wiping elephants’ tears and crying over the salmon-colored whip snake lying dead on the side of the road.

God’s creatures inspired and taught, long before there was a written Word. And now creation invites me into her world of the paradoxical truth of love and grief. The wolf attacks the lamb, the same wolf that Creator made. I stand to approach the day with a newfound Knowing after having pondered the warm and cold-blooded creatures of God’s creation. God saw what He had made and declared it “good”.

I am afraid of being too close to the mother wolf in the midst of her habitat. I admit the relief of finding the whip snake, lying dead on the side of the road. And then I remember those, whose fears were also relieved when they thought that they had silenced, once and for all, the Word. But salvation had already begun when the Word became flesh. The Lamb brought healing and showed us the way to exuberant life, through birth, life, death, burial and finally, resurrection.

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