Favorite Songs

What are some of your favorite songs?

A babbling brook, wind rustling through tree leaves.

Yes, but your favorite songs or musical artists?

No really, I need to hear a bird sing before I reach for my morning


Later, in the interview, she came back around a third time. “Have you thought of  some of your favorite songs?”

We were living in the Nashville, TN area where music is supreme. The journalist knew her readers and that a primary way of reaching them was to give them our musical preferences, so finally I answered with a few songs that I had recently heard. Though I enjoyed listening to them, they were not my favorite songs, Nature was. 

Have you ever heard a raven’s wings close overhead? How about waking to the woeful sound of howling coyotes or the shrill screams of a peacock? 

Have you ever relaxed in the silent pause that falls at dusk? Once a crow graced me with a song, rather than a caw, and took my breath away.

The interview was a gift, another clue that I needed to move more fully into the person that I no longer wanted to marginalize. I realized that I had become bilingual, speaking one language in my day-to-day, to relate to the people around me, and another when communing with Spirit in nature. I felt I was hiding too much of my Essence. 

Our connections with nature may be strong when we are young, but break unless we nurture them. Mother Earth is the mentor’s mentor. She has seen it all over her four billion plus years of existence? 

Bison reminds us of those that once lived as one with the earth, and how they used every part of the beast, thanking her for giving them food and warmth and life. Now, Bison asks us to consider how squandering abundance consumes not only valuable resources, but also our very souls.

Listen to Nature. She will lead you. She may be singing your favorite songs.

Sacred Sensations*

Close your eyes, imagine the thundering percussion of Bison’s hooves on the prairie land.

Or, click here to listen.