For me, Esther, like Swan, is the epitome of grace. Faith like Esther means living from a sacred intention in ordinary reality.

Background Facts:

Xerxes – King of Persia (486-465 BC): His rule extended from modern day Sudan to India. 

Vashti – Xerxes’ first queen: Ousted for refusing to comply

Esther – Xerxes’ second queen: Unbeknown to Xerxes, Esther was a Jew.

Mordecai – Esther’s uncle and legal guardian

Haman – Xerxes’ top official, who planned to annihilate the Jews 

After Vashti refused the king’s request to show her beauty before the nobles, Xerxes consulted experts in matters of justice. These men advised Xerxes to depose Vashti, or all women might decide to disrespect their husbands.

Esther’s Reign as Queen: 

When Esther heard that Haman planned to obliterate the Jews, she chose to creatively act within an unchangeable system. Marching against antisemitism or demanding rights for her people was unthinkable. Antagonizing those in power was out of the question. 

Still, Esther risked her life when she initiated an audience with the king. Fortunately, he was pleased to see Esther and asked, 

“What do you want? I will give you up to half of my kingdom.” 

Esther replied,

“I want to honor you and Haman with a banquet.”

Imagine what led Esther to such a time as this. Other than being a beautiful, brave, grace-filled woman, what were her lifelong dreams, intentions, values? 

While the Jews fasted and prayed for Esther, she invited Xerxes and Haman to not one, but two banquets. At the close of the second, Xerxes asked Esther, 

“What do you want? I will give you up to half of my kingdom.”

Esther was straightforward in her reply, 

“Spare my people.”

Esther did not need status or power, but rather influence. She wanted her people to live and with Xerxes’ help, they did.

Seasoned people know when to watch and listen, and when to speak up. They understand that every experience is molding them into the people they need to be. Then, when that tipping point moment comes, they are ready for such a time as this.

For Esther, that moment required grace.

Making Spirit Flesh* 

What is the larger intention of your life?