Graceful Living

Clouds floated by like swans on a calm pond. One was bottom-side up and another, upright. Swan-clouds voiced their secret to graceful living, balancing earth and sky, while accepting what the moment brings.

There is the ethereal and then the other things, like preparing dinner or picking up nails at the hardware store. Together they pair to harmonize life. More times than not, when I am stuck in one, I free myself by shifting to the other.

People who work in creative fields understand that although showing up and doing the work is a big part of accomplishment, many times all of the random ideas rush in to unite when the one creating, walks away.

Life has a way of doing that, too. We can patiently look for answers to a problem, stress and worry, articulate our case to convince others, but when we let go and attentively accept what the moment is offering, the situation frequently solves itself.

The swan-clouds reminded me of how differently we live when we sense that we are loved beyond anything that we deserve. It is the experience of grace. We breathe deeper, fuller breaths, when we feel honored for choices that move us closer to whom we were meant to be.

At times, grace has mysteriously welled up in me, whenĀ others were going a different way. I looked for an encouraging other in the familiar community, but found the authentic confidence from Sacred, within, when I opened to what the moment had brought. In the more critical times, I understood the defiance of space and time as I connected to those of another place and time.

Whether we find ourselves peeling potatoes with Brother Lawrence, sitting crossed-legged with Gandhi or behaving badly with the prodigal son, the moments have a shared sequence on the journey, when we allow Grace to have them. In staying true, we ultimately draw others in real-time, as well.

That day, the swans-clouds spoke of trusting the bigger hands that were holding them. Now, when storm clouds swirl above me, I consider giving attention to earth and sky, to the necessary and ethereal. The balance of pairing the two, points me to being present in each moment and accepting what the moment brings. It just may be the secret to graceful living.

Sacred Ruminations*