The Whole of Me

I pulled the right and left sides of my brain down into my heart and began chanting my praise mantra, asking Spirit to brood over the whole of me as I processed information from the energy around me, information that refused to go unnoticed.

I could not be here, if I had not been there. Years ago, I adopted these eleven words as my praise mantra. Chanting the words reminded me of the sacred history I had with Life and gave me courage to trust how discernment would unfold.

Relying solely on facts keeps us stuck in our heads. We hear a label and tag it with a perception, rather than opening to anything other. But also, depending on misguided intuitions, without the facts, tempts us to project personal feelings onto unrelated situations. I wonder how many extraordinary moments we miss with Mystery, by failing to pause and allow Spirit to brood over us.

Through the years, as my trust in sensitivities increased, I slowly dropped the need to take rejections of shared discernments personally. Though grieving a loss was still part of it, when I could see an encounter as an invitation, I could better understand where I fit in a relationship.

Rebuttals became discernment tools that opened my eyes to signposts on the journey. Perhaps this was a time to learn or to persevere by being the other voice in a community. Maybe it was time to let go of a particular role.

I could decide to ignore the deepest part of myself, listening to the outer voices shout, “get over it” or “this is the way things are”. I could choose to go inward and in victim-like manner, obsess over what felt like a rejection. Or a third choice: with the whole of me, including my *sensitivity to the subtleties of life, I could accept the invitation to watch as Spirit united reality with Mystery.

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