Healing Medicine

Tares grow beside wheat, transfiguring us. Cancer invades healthy tissue, breaking down normal cells. Figuratively speaking, communities experience both tares, and cancerous invasions that metastasize from one to many. When that happens, we need healing medicine.

Over time, it becomes less about a cancerous one and more about our ignoring undue manipulation. Too often, people confuse inclusiveness with elevating abusive people to leadership positions. Toxic people count on spiritually minded ones leaning lopsidedly toward mercy to the near exclusion of justice.

“Just ignore it” (speaking of a leader’s lack of integrity). We can counter the directive or not. Either way, we need to take responsibility for our own spiritual health. Integrating the experience, while refusing to get hooked into regret or blame, is a good beginning place.

Wheat and tares grow side by side until harvesters separate them. Oncologists prescribe drastic treatment options: remove the tumor, undergo chemotherapy or treat with radiation.

Would we continue with a physician who suggested that we ignore cancer? At the point we choose Life, we begin tuning out all voices, except those encouraging us to move forward.

Because addressing negatives, at higher levels, demands excessive energy, we tend to favor discounting carcinogenic situations. We dismiss them or work around them, doing most anything to avoid confronting fatal diseases. Most likely, we ignore what is not directly impacting us.

Asking for integrity from leaders is necessary for healthy communities. When we sense misaligned motives, we can call on Badger.

Badger lives underground where the roots of plants dangle. People with Badger’s gift can readily distinguish healing roots from poisonous ones. The best healers not only have an aptitude, but also know their medicines.

We perpetuate shame when we cover up abuse or heap the fault on victims. When truth comes out, judgment is rampant and sadly, discernment is tardy.

In times of abuse, emotional or otherwise, we can confidently call on Badger to dig down to the root, aggressively attack the cause of our illnesses and offer healing medicine.

Sacred Ruminations*

Wheat and tares to one person may be cancer to another. In your current situation, what does choosing Life look like?

As leaders, we can choose to keep things steady, letting the number of complaints dictate our actions or discern and act before too many people are hurt. Where on the continuum do your tendencies fall?

One on one spiritual companioning can offer practical resources and healing rituals, following abusive situations. Lisa@SacredWithin.Us