Hearing Truth

Crow caws, leaving truth like a shiny coin and then waits to see if we will spend, invest or squander the treasure. Soon we learn that hearing truth requires our dedication to grace and humility. As a result, we begin moving from small separate self to integrated Self and on to the collective whole.

Descendants of the corvid clan target the bullseye of any problem. Needless to say, they are not everyone’s favorite bird. Caw, caw or the sweet, unobtrusive song of our pretty feathered friends? Truth can hurt!

Crow people guide us to freedom by way of integrity. When we are in relationship with a member of the crow clan we will see an endless assortment of possibilities. 

We may partake of the variety of options if we are willing to undergo self-examination. Oddly, crow people do not always know that they are challenging us. It is simply their nature.

Corvids are scavengers; or another way to look at the blue-black birds? They clean up our world, from discarded food in parking lots to carcasses lying on Desert’s floor. 

Likewise, crow people clean up our communities of long ignored emotional and psychological litter that keeps people grounded. They release the tethers of fear that mimic belonging, but disallow freer experiences.

Whether we perceive a bird pooping on us, as a sign of blessing like in some cultures, or bad luck, determines how we progress. Can we imagine for a moment that another person might care enough to take a relational risk, or protect us from a future disaster?

Crow drops the coin on our path. Our pledge to hearing truth encourages us to see its luster. There are as many truths in Crow’s bag as places to drop them.  On rare occasions, when a person or community recognizes the gift, Crow has found a home.

Crow people sound the warning. We can accuse them or listen through our self-destructive mind chatter for the nugget that relates to us. If we commit to hearing truth, regardless of the other person’s intent, Sacred Law mysteriously lifts us and we fly with Crow.

Sacred Ruminations*

Hearing Truth is dedicated to anyone facing the realities of hearing or speaking truth.

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