Hummingbird left a message, before traveling south for the winter. Cultivate joy. 

When circumstances rob us of Essence, it may be time to migrate. Hummingbirds sense the dangers of persevering through winter’s cold temperatures, a lesson we would do well to learn.

These rainbow hummers are both tough and fragile. Few birds are able to hover and only one can fly backwards and upside down, the hummingbird. 

Some hummingbirds travel over a thousand miles each year to find pleasant conditions. That being said, they need to fly and most die in captivity. 

To what or whom are you holding yourself hostage? Is it time to fly?

When we release ourselves from discordant people or imprisoning circumstances, problems often work themselves out. Sometimes in creating space, we or the other person softens. If; however, we reengage at the same unforgiving place, we may need to confront the problem or hum songs over other gardens.

Gossip can be as attractive to people as a bloom is to a hummingbird. We can sway an entire community, when we speak negatively about a person. Should we partake in the conversation, we become part of a pollination process. What are we reproducing?

Enjoying nectar comes in confronting the bloom. Likewise, if we are so fortunate to be in relationship with people who will lovingly confront us, we find sweet connections deepening. 

Hummingbird’s medicine is full of gratitude and encourages joy. This may be just the prescription we need to change our current conditions. 

When we live openheartedly, we bring out joy in those around us. Because we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we must also be diligent in guarding what we hold sacred. Joyfulness surely evokes jealousy in those who are disgruntled with their lives.

What causes us to think that by putting a person down, our spirits will rise? It is in lifting one another up that we find joy.

Harsh surroundings shut down something inside of us. Hummingbird asks us to find receptive places to pollinate with joy. Will we accept the invitation?

Sacred Considerations*

What would it take for you to live from a joy-filled heart?