In the Dark

Moving deeper, toward True Self, often requires confronting things we discern in the dark. Authenticity and fear frequently respond to each other.

It was a creepy obsession, spiritual stalking, really. When faced with a challenge, he verbally spun a web, catching anyone who would carry out his conniving.

She pretended to have such empathy. When her quiver was full of sensitive information, she nocked the arrow, drew the bow and loosed the arrow to the bull’s eye, poisoning the reputation of any, who threatened her turf.

Badgering was their plan. Surely the one, going in a different direction, would eventually see things their way, and come back to groupthink. Rather than communing with the one, they chose to spell love, c-o-n-t-r-o-l.

“I hate Jesus!” The words startled me and then, not at all. I suspected that those who represented Infinite Love, to this man, had failed to meet him with respect. His hate-filled outburst, toward Jesus, was more likely a declaration of his wounded-ness, stirred up by memories of entrapment, rather than joy or freedom.

These are a few stories I have heard, witnessed and experienced enough times to call patterns. Sadly, the recurring themes continue to be acted out in groups, even in spiritual and religious ones.

A striking part of Moses’ story, for me, is that he confronted Pharaoh. Without confrontation, the Hebrew people would have continued on in slavery.

A precursor to freedom is authentic confrontation. I wonder how many situations we could keep from escalating into full-blown, on-going dramas, if we simply chose to dialogue with one another, in the light.

Going directly to a person, increases trust. Honest confrontation = caring. When we are not willing to go to the other person, we say with our actions, “I care more about controlling you, than I care about you”!

Whether there is a change in circumstances, or not, we discover our strength and courage, as we walk away from abusive behavior. Sometimes we have to make a choice, True Self or a substitute.

Naming outer pharaohs is easy; however, deceit may be skulking, in the dark, within us. Just as Freedom required Moses to confront an actual pharaoh, then, Freedom also requires us to confront our pharaohs, today.

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Sacred Ruminations*

What is your modus operandi? Spiritual stalking? Protecting turf? Badgering? Caving to victimhood? Throwing in the towel? Confronting pharaohs? Other?

Name a few negative patterns (heard, witnessed, experienced or initiated). How have they hindered your freedom to live authentically? What does your reaction, to each negative encounter, say about you?

Consider how you have allowed negative encounters to deepen your journey. Is there an invitation?