Inside of You

I go back to the wounding times, inviting You in
and asking You to show me where You were

It seems that if I could see You in my mind’s picture,
it would all make sense and I would find healing once and for all

I ask You to speak a word so that my faith might grow,
so that love would spill out from a grateful heart

I cannot hear You

As I replay the different incidences,
I ask that I might have a glimpse of You there

I recount every detail,
this time looking for You in the picture.

I cannot see You

I wonder if the trust comes from my openness to let You be God in the
unknowing, and so, I relinquish my search

I move about to the next thing and then I hear You speak
“I was inside of you. I still am.”

Now, I see

Sacred Ruminations*