Invitations to Life

Coyote or Wolf? Our deepest knowing either tricks us into or teaches us about furthering our journeys. Though our feelings may protest, all encounters are invitations to Life. Whether positive or negative, every experience offers growth opportunities.

Should we hold too tightly to particular outcomes, we will surely glimpse Coyote’s tail, as we deal with issues such as hypocrisy or pompousness. However, if we play along, Coyote will escort us into the thrilling space of few bearings, where we question our purpose for living. Also, there, we dive deeper into the unnerving experience of walking by faith.

At the point of nothingness and all things new, we can turn back and zealously hold on, or define our values and remain open to Teacher/Pathfinder Wolf. Truths, we once held as foundational, may crumble beneath our feet, but as we seek Love’s all-encompassing truth, vast possibilities, of which smaller truths could only hint, begin appearing.

If we let go, without giving up entirely, new desires start forming. This is when being present is essential to rebuilding our lives.

While adjusting our footing to a different terrain, Lone Wolf assists us in knowing how much to engage. It can be difficult, especially when our callings have included more availability to people, in the past.

Another sly dog will always be there to tempt us back to knee-jerk reactions, in response to urgent appeals. Not in an overly determined way, but rather in all sincerity, we are able to allow distracting people to work out their own self-imposed theatrics, while we continue walking forward. No longer needing sure outcomes, we can put our trust in Sacred Now.

Once again, Trickster Coyote has given us a head-scratching moment. Or, was it Wolf showing us the way?

Finally, we realize that not only those we perceive as light-filled individuals, but also the most horrible acting ones have, in some way, been our saviors. And if we are fortunate enough to find a little humor, we laugh at any inkling of spiritual achievement, because we see that both good and bad experiences have offered us invitations to Life.

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Sacred Ruminations*

Think back on some of your most challenging experiences. How could you be here (now), without being there (then)?

Try to name the tricksters, teachers, pathfinders and sly dogs throughout your journeying. Look inwardly, as well as out.