Keeping Confidences

Shhh! Wait and see which way the cat jumps. In positions such as Spiritual Director, Psychotherapist or Clergy, keeping confidences, is fundamental. 

Similarly, people who are gifted in discernment or one of the four clairs: seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing, understand how vital timing is to a person’s development.

Most of us dishonor people when we are miffed. We obsess over their need to change and wind up breaking bonds of trust.

Once we experience the liberating side of relational annoyances; however, we refrain from setting traps. Instead, we free both the other and ourselves.

To hold people captive, we must tend their cages. If we poke at our prisoner’s tender places, in order to rouse a response, we have to ask ourselves why we opt for a circus act over authentic human interaction?

Keeping confidences when angry, is difficult. Also, experiencing other people breaking ours, can create a gap that prohibits further sharing.

Why not let archetypes power us toward integrity? Think of images that encourage guarding confidences or discernments? Consider a biblical character, a mythological figure, or perhaps, an animal? I find that animals invite humor and also bodily engagement. 

In the book Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams and David Carson describe Lynx as the secret keeper. Lynx awakens in quieter times, like winter and at night. She has extraordinary vision. Lynx, too, hears what other animals do not.

When people trust us with their stories, we are wise to remember that their journeys are just that, theirs. And also, no matter how well we know a person or intuit things, we do not know all. 

Giving answers too soon, shuts down conversations. Making sensitive information public, creates obstacles.

The next time you are peeved, and tempted to let the cat out of the bag, why not enter the quiet night, where Lynx thrives and Spirit broods. Crossing over, requires that we let go of control, but rewards us with freedom.

If you relate to one of the positions or gifted-ness above, keeping confidences is crucial. You may ask, “If I tell, who will know?” Cat knows, and may be vetting you! 

Sacred Sensations* 

1) Are you up for a little fun? Click here to emulate Cat’s body language. 

2) Sit in the dark, early morning or at night. Ask Spirit for images that sharpen your senses. Be open to your imagination.