Lizards and Pick-Up Sticks

I remember the anticipation I felt playing pick-up sticks, as a child. Who could pull a stick out from the heap, without disturbing the pile? Similarly, in life, we never really know if or how our words and actions will affect other people.

Or perhaps the group needs a little shaking up. One of the more difficult things is to deeply invest our lives in a person, community or cause, and wonder if we made a difference, at all. If Lizard darts across the path, it’s time to look for creative solutions or simply dream again.

Control demands a particular outcome. Creativity invites possibilities. What if we could combine a playful spirit with intentionality?

When people disappoint us, we can obsess over needing to change them, or begin viewing the situation from a different perspective. What must we do to become our best selves? In what ways can we allow other people to do the same?

And do we dare ask the question, Is there something the other person can teach me?

If we hold on too tight, for too long, one day we are surprised how the slightest provocation shakes loose years of resentments. We may genuinely want to accept a loss, forgive, or just move on; however, the process through grief requires us to not only experience hurt, sadness, anger, guilt, etc., but also admit that we feel these things.

Unless we give them undue prominence, negative emotions are gifts. They lead us to spirited living, sometimes even before our dreams are fulfilled. 

When we see the universe as generous, we are able to appreciate both the people who provide us comfort and also those who push us to find the courage necessary to release ourselves to new ways of living. Perhaps this is so difficult because we have no idea what life can look like without the constraints.

When someone or something jostles the heap of pick-up sticks in your life, look for Lizard in the shadows. This scaly one invites you to dream again, this time with a playful spirit.

Making Spirit Flesh*

Feel the reality of your dream alongside the following: control, creativity, intentionality and spirited living.