Memory Keeper

Standing between seasons of my faith, I was flanked by surety and the unknown, when Memory Keeper appeared. Clearly he had witnessed more than most. His eyes were gentle, his demeanor, strong and protective. He wore eagle feathers in his hair that pointed downward, signifying a sacred, peaceful visit.

Fall’s melancholy had prepared me for an ending. Winter’s periodic snowfall blanketed all that had passed, with a promise of new life. All I had to do was release what was keeping me from spring’s inspiration.

In choosing to grow, we choose newness, but not without loss. As Spirit met me in the vague, I realized how images, even imaginative embodiments, allow companionship, while facing the periodic loneliness that comes with exploring deeper callings.

The wise elder suggested safely storing some experiences and throwing others into Fire’s refining flame? There in the gap we watched the latter burn. Finally, I was ready to give building spring winds the go ahead to sweep away any remaining residue.

It is natural to want to move forward without fully releasing old burdens. Faith asks us to let go, trusting the outcome. Often, we have to drop our load before picking up more timely cargo.

We fail to progress when we cling to the past, rather than allowing the natural evolution of relationships, beliefs, commitments and circumstances. Seasons keep us advancing.

Refusing fall’s melancholy or winter’s death, stunts our development just as choosing to remain in cold burial grounds disallows new growth. Spring invites us to a joyous rebirth.

Clarity and mystery are ongoing cycles of life. Perhaps it is our need to control that hinders the flow from one season to the next. Consistent times of clearing take us into wonder, through clarity and back around into vagueness, where fresh wisdom finally rises.

As Memory Keeper recounted my story, I heard with new ears. Not one belief or experience had been lost. Instead, they had become sacred. Each person with whom I had crossed paths was a part of who I was becoming, and also a part of what I had to give back to the world. I reached for Memory Keeper’s hand and together we bowed in gratefulness.

Sacred Ruminations*