One day you may have an experience that shifts your perspective. Other becomes mirror-like and you realize your connection. 

Other might be another person. That judgmental thought you had of someone else, in fact, is your own blind spot. If you allow yourself to be humbled, you become more self-aware.

If creation is other, this mystical experience may reveal the sacredness of everything. Then, you see each person, tree and star as a representative of the Holy and creation becomes Sanctuary. 

In sensing a oneness with creation, you discover your own sacredness, too.  In that moment, your life holds fresh meaning and regardless of what hardships you’ve incurred or endured, you realize your worth. 

Whether or not you have a community that supports you with like-minded beliefs or ways of moving through the world, you sense yourself being held in the one Great Mystery. It is that support that gives you the will to carry on. Signposts encourage you, as you loosen your over attachment to what should have been.

Maybe the world and its natural laws will be your mirror. There you discover in cooperating with, you bring balance to the planet and by breaking those laws, you add to its destruction?

At first, your mystical experience leaves you awe-struck. In time, it alters the way you see and experience life. To be in the world, but not of it, requires being present to the Sacred that resides within you.

Your primary intention may shift from outer change oriented initiatives to being the change that brings joy and offers healing light. To acknowledge and also transform any personal negativity into life-giving energy takes minute by minute attention. It may be the most difficult thing you ever do. 

Because conversations, that drew you in before, seem trivial and things that once riled you up, no longer matter, mystical encounters can leave you feeling lonely. You no longer fit in the same way and yet you are strangely connected to what was once other. When those feelings arise, take heart, remember who you are and focus on your newfound mirror-like connections.

Making Spirit Flesh*

What do you see in the mirror of other?