Young mystic, come and sit at the water’s edge. Look down to the bottom of the pond. Do you see all the larvae? These nymphs will soon climb out onto land to be full-fledged dragonflies.

You had a vision that clarified your need to live in Ultimate Reality. While it offered you purpose, in fulfilling your desire for Infinite Love, it upset our well-ordered beliefs.

We prefer our never changing idea of God, to a deepening relationship that requires our all. How dare you unnerve us with unbridled surrender. Why should we waste our time stumbling through dark nights or exploring castles? We already have the answers.

When people begin dissecting Mystery, young one, remember Dragonfly’s answer to your question, what color are your iridescent wings? 

“Better to dismember your illusions than to pick wonder apart.”

Do you see how Dragonfly struggles to come out of her casing. It would have been easier for her to remain a nymph under water. Instead, she sheds her shell to show us her stunning conversion and then she flies.

You too, will shed things that presently define you, because you see more than what is. Like Dragonfly, you are in ongoing metamorphosis. Intimacy with the Holy enlivens you. Whether you are praying or taking out the garbage you are full of Presence.

Though many jobs require you to work in a buzz of activity, you live from Sacred within. How long can you engage, while also detaching from things that no longer interest you? When your soul begins to suffer, let go. 

People may ask, “How much surrender does true love require?” You do not entertain such questions, because your intention is being whole and fully connected, so whatever it takes. 

Young mystic, your part in Transformation’s process is to awaken us spiritually. Show us the way of being that transcends our mediocrity.