Night Eagle

Night Eagle (Owl) wakes us up with a question, Who? Who are you?

Some Native Americans consider Owl a harbinger of death. Many cultures see Owl as a symbol for wisdom. On occasion, Night Eagle has come to me as discernment.

Bald Eagle glistens in the sun. This majestic creature calls up our traits of strength, courage and resilience, to rise above life’s challenges.

In the dark, yet equally magnificent, Owl, asks us to go deep inside. Hopefully, as we discern our intentions, we absorb Eagle’s medicine with authenticity.

Spiritual awakenings prompt truth. 

First, we glimpse how we’ve deluded ourselves. Then, as we let our deceptions die, we find room for a more relevant wisdom to guide us. Beyond answers or destinations, we find the beauty wherever we are. For Owl, time includes more than now.

In the morning of our lives, we declare beliefs, waving bold, primary colored flags. Later, Faith invites us to step into the shadows. There we learn to appreciate the more complex hues of mystery running through our life experiences. 

Finding gifts in every personal circumstance, especially the darker ones, empowers us to co-write an ongoing story of passion, uttering equal reverence to death and resurrection. We can do this only after giving in to the cycles of death and rebirth in ourselves.Though sharing our stories may not lessen the suffering, telling them can assist us through heartache toward joy.

Transformation seems to be the only way. On one side, refusing necessary suffering makes us rigid and iron-hearted. On the other, defining ourselves solely by our afflictions, makes us victims. Either way, we cut ourselves off from wisdom, discernment and joy.

Awakening to ourselves may be the single most life-altering thing we can do. Each time we see our judgment, pity, selfishness, or a desperate need to please, for the sake of popularity, we have another chance to transform.

In the one-word question, Who, Night Eagle asks us to wake up and accept a dose of medicine. Remember; however, that wisdom and discernment come as we incrementally die to our personas.

Sacred Ruminations*

Is Night Eagle drawing you to quieter places? Do not resist. You can accomplish much in the Moon’s softer light, free from jealous competitors who live for the limelight.

“You can accomplish anything, as long as you are willing to let others take credit for it.” (perhaps even change the world)

Doña Laura and Alberto Villoldo on mastering the art of invisibility