For many years, there was a oneness between Native Americans and Bison. Those who lived close to the land danced and prayed for buffalos to give of themselves. They depended on this magnificent beast, in order to live, and were grateful for the offering. It is no wonder that Buffalo, for many people, represents abundance. 

When there is a sacred relationship we are respectful of the other, because we are aware of the interconnectedness. Contrast that to the slaughter, by people who later traveled west to hunt for sport.

Find a photograph and look into Bison’s eye, until you find yourself there. What do you see?

Perhaps you are inspired by Buffalo’s resilience? In spite of all you’ve endured, you are as grounded as ever. To remain like Bison, however, you must live equally connected to Earth and Sky, the practical everyday world and also Life’s unknown mysteries. 

Look again. What do you see? Is there sadness? Have you, like the American Buffalo, been hunted by someone who, for no other reason, needed to hang your head on their trophy wall? Did such an event threaten to snuff out your spirit’s light? Or, were you on the violent side?

One thing that strikes me each time I gaze into Buffalo’s eyes is the softness there. How does this ravaged one, have such tender, forgiving eyes? Humans clearly conquered Bison, yet one has to wonder if Bison lives more successfully in the present while we, so often, let the past haunt our enjoyment of today. 

According to my teachers, Buffalo stands in the north of the Medicine Wheel where elders, wisdom and gratitude reside. Hopefully someday we, too, will sense which of Life’s storms to face and what to release or leave behind. 

There is an interconnectedness among all, a oneness. What we do for (or against) one, we do for (or against) all.

Making Spirit Flesh*

Imagine removing all the things that separate you from who or what you call other. Strip away the wooly coat, or your defenses, illusions, preferences, politics, religion, etc, and what is left? What gives your heart its glow? What sustains you when all that is going on around you threatens to destroy your relationship with the Sacred within?