Orbs of Light

Through the fog, Ancients emerged, holding orbs of light. Minutes before, I prayerfully asked, “Why do people seek attention, while avoiding wholeness?”

I reached out toward one glowing ball and inquired, “What is this?”

The eldest responded, “A piece of Essence. Think back on your journey. First, your childhood, when you were full of potential.”

“Yes, I recall.”

“Next, move forward through years of learning about and looking to an external God. And finally, consider how you deepened, coming back around to a more intimate Sacred within.”

“Yes, I sense Presence both outside and within.”

He continued, “Each ball of light is a soul part that left this world to find solace.”

I was fixated, but not without pause. I could not help but see beyond the light to all the empty, dark holes left behind.

Puffed up people who appeared strong, were hurting and afraid. They held up shields of anger, bullying their way  through crowds, to cover their pain.

More tender ones cowered behind screens that sheltered victims. They had no idea that they could reclaim the personal sovereignty that they had given away. Too much time had passed to remember the glowing light within.

It was creation’s story, once again, beginning with a formless void. A voice cried out,  “Let there be light,” and the orbs glowed. Apart from my prayerful intention, why were the ancients showing this to me?

Together, all of the brightly lit balls offered hope. There was so much potential, and Spirit was there, brooding over us, and our need to be whole.

Were my predecessors asking me to create welcoming conditions for my lost parts? Maybe they wanted me to walk alongside people, who had groveled under someone else’s demands? Perchance, were they requesting that I retrieve souls?

Our land’s ancestors showed me glowing lights, and one spoke out saying,  “When people’s souls are in tact, they are appropriately vulnerable with one another. Without Essence people fear being honest and cannot reach their full potential. They feel disconnected and unnoticed, so they clamor for attention. Show them orbs of light.”

Sacred Sensations*

Considering wholeness, invite your body to the conversation.

Stand with feet a comfortable distance apart. Lower chin to chest, letting shoulders round and arms hang. Inhale, lifting chin, opening chest, bringing arms up and out to shoulder level, by pulling shoulder blades together. Exhale, returning to starting position. Inhale – pulling your breath up through your feet. Exhale – pushing it out through your head.

Inhale (mouth) – nourish

Exhale (nose) – cleanse