Past, Present & Future

As spirit guides, crows simultaneously see the past, present and future. Maybe it was Crow, seer and keeper of sacred law, who created the vision.

Shadow Man came dancing toward me. He introduced himself as one of my ancestors. 

Other figures drummed. They were female ancients of the desert land where I live. At a point Cheetah leapt through my dream. Each of the three begged a question.

What did I need to learn about the past and things I’d initiated? 

How was the present asking me to respond? 

What future would my actions create?

With one breath, Shadow Man ignited a fire inside of me. Then he transported me to a cabin in the woods. Like I had dreamed countless times before, I stood in the cabin’s kitchen looking at shelves of preserves that I had canned and neatly organized.

With one swift move, Shadow Man sent jars sailing through the air. Shattered glass covered the floor and the preserves spilled out as ash.

Then Shadow Man created a whirling funnel. Grey flecks swirled round and round, entered me and fueled the flame within. 

What did the dream mean?

The preserves were insights I’d gathered throughout my life. Though I’d imagined sharing these gems with questioning people, Crow opened my eyes to see some of the canned responses.

No longer could I reach for a jar of something out there. Instead, my life would be part of the offering.

If I welcomed myself into the fiery process, things would change. My priorities would shift. People would see me differently.

The choice was mine. I could continue giving sugary preserves, keeping everything sweet, contained and manageable, or allow personal transformation, so I could offer something more substantial.

Long after Dreamtime faded, the picture of bare shelves sparked hope in me. An empty cupboard made room for something new.

Crow cawed, “Consider your past, present and future. What are you creating?” 

Making Spirit Flesh*

What can you learn from the things you’ve initiated in the past (your masculine side)?

How is the present asking you to respond (your feminine side)? 

Is there an action you need to take (Cheetah/Achievement)?

Considering the above, what future are you creating?