It is difficult for two people to communicate with words when they do not speak the same language and nearly impossible to commune. One person speaks of soul as something to be saved or condemned, while the other talks of soul as the Essence of an individual. Frequently, emotional attachment to one way of thinking, keeps each from hearing the other.

The first, understands heaven and hell as places the soul goes after a person dies; while the second experiences heaven and hell as being true or untrue to one’s transcendent Self. Patience allows us time to offer attention and perhaps receive a little understanding. 

Simone Weil said, “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”  

Ant is the embodiment of patience. Asking questions, rather than jumping to a defense, creates spaces for souls to meet. Also, patiently holding paradoxes invites wholeness. We cannot be whole if our intentions are at odds with our actions. Getting to the bottom of our motives takes patience. 

Just as it takes time for ants to strip a forest bare, it takes time to peel through illusions. We may do or say the socially correct thing, but are we aware of our motives? Are we asking for approval? Do we need to be seen, heard, respected, liked, etc.?

In addition to self discovery, waiting teaches us the connection between destruction and creation. Sometimes we are so intent on holding things together, we fail to let them fall apart, so something new can emerge. Destruction can be a gift. 

Ants not only destroy, but also build. They patiently move one particle at a time to construct their hills. Likewise, creating a home within, where we can freely experience the Sacred, takes time.

Patience helps us to release the tight hold we have on emotional attachments and opens the way to both self awareness and new ways of being. Examine the ways of Ant.

Making Spirit Flesh*

Be patient with yourself as you consider two archetypes, Destroyer and Creator. Is there anything you need to release or destroy that will allow you to offer attention to another, or to be truer to your soul?