Peering out the window, I watched Dove swoop down through the air and land on Mother Earth. Dove’s presence alone, offered the peace I needed. When we are grieving, nature offers us healing like few remedies can.

One day, everything is fine. Perhaps we even imagine ourselves flying. The next day we experience loss, and find ourselves grounded. Our grief may be overwhelming, but later we look back to realize that something new was forming all along.

If we allow them voice, creatures speak into our life experiences. They help us bear our burdens and encourage us to live in the moment, regardless of how chaotic the present may be.

In our awkward attempts at transformation, we admit our struggles, while also moving toward the peace that passes our limited understanding. At intervals, we may successfully ward off change, but eventually something shatters our lives and breaks us wide open.

Change keeps us moving forward. Frequently, we have no control over what happens, only power over how we respond. Whether or not we experience peace often depends on defining what we value and then gently redirecting any limiting ways we think or see those values coming to fruition.

When we suffer loss, there are few words that offer comfort. Even so, the words we tell ourselves make receiving regular doses of hope, from other people, possible.

Earlier in the year, Dove sat on two eggs, one she laid at dawn; the other, at dusk. And whether this new life developing in us, was conceived in morning’s light or the darkest night, Spirit is brooding over our grieving hearts to create something good.

Sometimes Dove mourns with a bittersweet song. On this particular day, she was quiet. It was as if Peace had descended there before me to say, “Though your loss is great and your pain runs deep, everything will be all right.”

Dove came that day without a sound. Nonetheless, her message of presence was the most powerful calm of all. She was Peace, waiting there with me.

Sacred Ruminations*

What images are speaking into your frustration, loss or grief? How are these images modeling being present to other people?