Our fiery trials create ash of us. Only then, can we rise with Phoenix.

Often our development involves other people. They are part of our transformation, just as we are a part of theirs.

For everything there is a season. Have you, or your community, changed?

Consider this common scenario: 

Individuals form a bond over a belief, interest or cause. As we listen and observe, we are fascinated by the varied motivations that brought each person to the group. There is one focus, yet many stimuli.

As long as every person’s intention is included, the community remains. Once the focus shifts, favoring some motivations over others, participants become dissatisfied. 

When we do not understand this truism, we not only create tense situations, but exacerbate them, until finally we taint even the good memories we shared.

If we are unable to let go (or to willingly destroy our personal ideas) of what once was, what is will destroy us in some way. Just as evening and morning complete a day, so also death and rebirth are part of Life’s cycle.

Self-actualizers make decisions according to their callings. They continue moving forward, letting go of one thing so another can begin forming.

If we allow people to be who they are and where they are on their journeys, we may enjoy morphing relationships. If; however, we demand that people go back to the way things were, we will surely experience those relationships waning.

In time, we see how being precisely where we are is the best teacher, until it is no longer. As we expand, so our ongoing relationships must also grow, or else fall away. 

Rather than fearing what another person will bring to, or take from community, we can ready ourselves for change. And when we have completed our time in a place, we may both grieve and anticipate newness.

Instead of running from dis-ease, why not welcome every change that joy and sadness brings. Though we connect birds to air, it is not wind that lifts Phoenix, but rather fire.

Sacred Ruminations*

Clay will harden in the air, sure enough. Only when a piece is fired; however, is it suitable to hold food or water. Likewise, when we have endured fiery trials, allowing them to favorably change us, we are better able to not only hold wisdom, but offer it to other people.