Pink Fairy Armadillo

The rarely seen Pink Fairy Armadillo shares a gift with us, how to keep our balance when outside forces are strong. While more common armadillos model setting boundaries, this little sand-swimmer shows us how to regulate our emotional temperature.

A loosely attached shell allows the tiny one to adapt to Argentina’s temperature swings from night to day. She pumps blood into her shell to warm up, thus her pink hue, and drains it to cool off. Similarly, we can adjust to extremes by learning what motivates and settles us.

If we acquiesce too soon, we deny ourselves. And on those occasions when we remain overly heated for too long, stress takes an equally damaging toll on our well-being. 

How can we calm our core when external forces tug at us, first this way, and then that? Keeping a relaxed hold on circumstances is a good start. When we cannot, perhaps the situation is nudging us to look inside, for the personal reasons why.

Moving back and forth between investing ourselves outwardly and taking time to feed our souls, keeps us from getting either excessively wound or situationally depressed. Finally, Pink Fairy Armadillo may be inviting us to go underground for a while. 

We can shift from engagement to solitude within a day, or sync up with the seasons. Sometimes the rhythm plays out over a period of years.

Though highly sensitive, Pink Fairy Armadillo refuses to give up inner freedom for the sake of outer security. Even so, the angel-like sprite seldom comes above ground, where predators wait. 

Considering all of this begs the question of us, freedom or security? A faith journey requires trusting the Sacred within. It goes beyond declaring beliefs in a group.

We often look up to the light and outside of ourselves for answers. Imagine our surprise, to find what we are looking for, in the seemingly dark void deep inside of us. 

Pink Fairy Armadillo rarely lives more than a few days in captivity. Is she inviting us to dig through our sandy personas to find freedom in True Self?

Sacred Sensations*

Spend time breathing deeply. Place your hands, right on top of left, on different places on your body, breathing into that place. What parts feel open? Where do you feel unrest? Continue until you feel whole, rather than divided.