For as long as I can remember, hollowed out sculptures have drawn me. I am not sure exactly why. Perhaps because they are empty, they hold worlds of possibility.

The void allows for creative brooding and as imperative as living in the what is may be, there is also the possibility of what can be. Ego needs to fill emptiness and thus distracts us from a necessary part of life’s process. Also, ego takes the oxygen that creative fires need, in order to burn. 

Emptying may come as a big life event or in the many little nagging occurrences, telling us there is something more. As Spirit once hovered over the deep, she continues to brood over our personal voids.

Ego can keep us sharp and is often our means of survival. There comes a point; however, when our willfulness shifts away from selfishness. It is in releasing what has long companioned us that we find ourselves in the new territory of a long, quiet empty pause.

Just when we think we have surrendered our very last measure of what defines us, Life requires more. And so we let go.

And when we finally relinquish that which has sustained us, thus far, there is an eerie vastness. Whatever else we have left behind, our will has always been there. How do we adjust to that kind of letting go, that much space with its possibility?

We may spend years carefully preparing our interior lives, only to experience their destruction. The casualties are all those things that we thought were necessary to our survival, when in fact they were diversions.

From that point on, circumstances have less to do with our well-being. Inasmuch as we gratefully received before, we can trust an inner light to guide us home, even through our most difficult realities.

That being said, we appreciate favorable circumstances more. We cherish those people who encourage our journey back to Essence.

And from the Sacred within we finally let go of our need to conquer or prove. Instead we become possibility for both ourselves and other people.

Sacred Ruminations*

Of what would you have to let go for your life to become a possibility? 

Facts or an invitation to engage with Life – “Which story do you prefer?” from the movie, Life of Pi