Springing Up From Within

In the morning, I walk through the woods. Even in the shade, high temperatures offer lethargy. Algae cover the lake’s shore. I watch as deer wade into the water pushing through the green muck with their noses for a drink. Standing refreshed, they summon me to push through my own rubbish and drink as well. How can these gentle creatures, in such an ordinary moment, convey such a powerful message of Love?

At noon, turtles sun on a log. Every so often, one plops into the water below. Like the deer, the turtles teach me, this time the lesson of longevity. I am conspicuous, out there for all to see. The attention of being public begins its baking. Periodically taking a dive is imperative for sustainability. Through God’s odd little creatures, Love has a message for me; “Fall away. Take a dive into Me and be revived.”

I go to the desert, desperate for a vast terrain and void of anything that distracts me from Spirit’s leading. My soul thirsts for a drink, yet my agitated mind has leeched all peaceful solutions. My spirit wanes. As the sun begins its descent, I stop to tend responsively to my needs. There I stand at the dry river’s bank, where I once dipped my blouse for relief. The thought of a cooler season invites me into a deeper Knowing of myself and of the fountain of Love springing up from within.

Sacred Ruminations*