Coyotes yelp, owls screech and roosters crow. Young prophet, I ask you, “Do peacocks whisper or ravens sigh?” 

You were born to predict, confront and warn. Before speaking; however, ask one question, what is my intention?

If you choose to hold your tongue, you may preserve membership in our group, but until you speak from your truest Self, only a part of you belongs. Will you dismiss the other part? While you sift through words better left unsaid, we wait.

Know that the majority will reject your warnings. You have moved too far ahead for some people to feel safe and others prefer fighting a common enemy. Understand that we may ban you from our group entirely.

You carry the weight of our poor judgment, but can you also bear our reaction to your timely message? Free us, but be gentle, so we can express our gifts rather than cower in shame. 

Unearth all that lies decomposing under our well-tended gardens. Point out our inconsistencies. Exhume our shadows, but remind us that one day, because we listened, we will freely dance.

It is a daunting task; therefore, take care to nourish yourself in the wellspring of compassion. Let Humility teach you. Hone your gift in prayer. Remember that in spite of your rigorous self-examination, your message will surely disinter a few skeletons. 

Refrain from boastfully proclaiming yourself, Prophet. Do we need another grandstanding braggart? Will you impress us with your accomplishments or assist us in getting our lives back? Your business is to speak what you know to be true. The power of authenticity will ordain you, soon enough.

Find confidence in your motive. Enjoy a clear conscience. Hold honest relationships close and refuse any temptation to blame. We need time to adjust.

Finally young prophet, speak from a pure heart and you will have nothing to regret, for this is your role in Transformation’s process. Because it is grueling and tediously slow, few will encourage you or tell you what to expect. 

Close you eyes. Can you see hope in the spiral of time? Now, speak it into being.