Purposeful Pollinator

Summer is coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere. When temperatures plunge, bees will go into their hives. Once again, the purposeful pollinators have done their part in providing food for us.

Because of these busy buzzers, we enjoy fruits, vegetables, dairy products and various meats. Also, due to the diligence of bees, flowers that grace our tables, add the extra to ordinary spaces.

Animals and insects know their roles. Looking specifically at males and females, it varies among species. Male bees have one purpose – to mate with the queen. Females pollinate. In addition, they clean the hive and feed the other bees. In other species; however, males takes on responsibilities like hunting and feeding their families. 

As for our roles, and because humans are more complex, we choose. As we heighten our awareness, we realize how nature can inform us.

Roles may differ from family to family. Some people settle in on long-standing traditional roles, while others stagnate with too much sameness. Instead, they thrive on differences and change. 

Observing animals, amphibians and insects as archetypes and varied demonstrations of Spirit, we discover expressions of ourselves that are truer to our individual natures. Imagine the world if all people busied themselves with the same work.

Chaucer coined the simile, busy as a bee. He used the phrase in reference to women being busy about deception.

So, here’s the question: What intention is driving your efforts? 

Bees do not aimlessly fly around, wondering what to do. They are focused on providing for the hive. In the process, bees feed us, as well.

According to scientific sources, bees pollinate more than 75% of all flowering vegetation. They make a third of the world’s food possible. 

Bees know their purpose. They not only have enough, but are enough.

In our western world where the fear of not enough-ness is rampant, it would behove us to learn from the purposeful pollinators. If male bees or female pollinators rejected their roles, they would die, and our extinction would not be far behind. What if who you are (True Self) and what you do (your Purpose) is enough?

Making Spirit Flesh*

Feel the difference:

Intentional hard work

Effort with no clear purpose