Roadrunner scurried across our adobe wall to get a closer look at me. As I leaned in toward her, she did not flinch, but rather stood still and stared.

When creatures, or people, look at us with deliberateness, they evoke our curiosity. Why the scrutiny? Regardless of the answer, this encounter was thrilling!

There I was, eye to eye with Courage. Her self-confidence called forth an aspiration in me to be brave.

We think of opossums diverting our attention and weasels stealing our carefully guarded treasure. Typically though, we see roadrunners as refreshingly straightforward.

The experience prompted me to look at relationships:

Energy is stronger than any contrived show of affection or thoroughly rehearsed arguments. Discerning people sense passive aggression and readily spot cult-like claws. Even so, forgiveness and well-earned trust can welcome the flow of Spirit once again to offer us not only connection, but also freedom.

Since, roadrunners are notorious for wrestling rattlesnakes, I suspected that she would show me how facing difficult people can be onerous and exhilarating. She did.

Though the roadrunner is our state bird, I have not seen an abundance of them. Now, from time to time, this one graces me.

In the beginning, she showed me how loss can open us to surprising relationships. Her soul friend and our neighbor moved. Slowly this bird and I are becoming friends.

I first heard her loud cries outside of our prayer room window. Was she wailing in grief or alerting other wildlife to impending danger? Her usual perch was on our neighbor’s deck. Now that the house was empty, was she looking for a new vantage point?

More recently, when this member of the cuckoo family peered into my eyes, I imagined her saying, I let you see me at my most vulnerable point. Now, will you allow me to see you?

Roadrunner reminded me how often we fearfully hide ourselves, refusing to be known. Betrayals either tempt us to close down or elicit our shrewdness. Will we move toward the latter and bravely cultivate relationships that allow both wisdom and vulnerability?

Sacred Sensations*

Gaze into the eyes of a person or creature and allow an invitation.