Sacred Womb

Continued healing: I see ravens every day, gigantic ones. On that particular day, it was dramatically different. Eventually they would lead me into Sacred Womb.

I was on my way to check off a list of errands, when group after group of corvids flew overhead. Two days later, I got the call about my mother’s fall.

During our week at the hospital, when my mother rested, I curled up in Sacred Womb. I kept still in the eye, as tornado-like activity spiraled around me. As I both engaged and observed, I became aware of all of the possibilities present there with me.

We go through the healing process many times. In healthier healing cycles:

We admit our suffering and mourn.

We face our alienated parts.

We humble ourselves and are willing to look from a fresh perspective.

We fight through distractions, releasing those things that no longer work. The space is now empty.

In earlier cycles, we quickly fill the barrenness. Later, the place where fighting demons once dwelled becomes a still, quiet place where we find our bearings.

Further along still, creative energy swirls around a center. Something is forming, maybe us, or something for us to birth out into the world. Either way, it is beyond our sole making.

In this mysterious and deepening relationship, the lines between this seeming Other and us bleed. Choosing Life means moving through both fear and need for understanding to connect far beyond the lines that once defined us. Our doing becomes so obvious and natural.

What makes us avoid the transforming Sacred Womb? We have no trouble declaring our convictions, hoping to change others, or prove them wrong. Perhaps we resist our own conversion because our light may set us apart, and that can be more frightening than our dark.

As I began a full day of errands, black birds of all shapes and sizes flew above me. I did not need to know why. I simply drove on the highway, in a state of awe, wondering what the following days would bring. Eventually, thoughts of the magnificent ravens in flight led me to my mother’s bedside and into Sacred Womb.

If God is in a word, God is surely in a bird.

Sacred Ruminations*

Meditate on “Our Greatest Fear”, by Marianne Williamson

Consider differences between needing to be seen and simply letting your light shine.