A parliament of owls and a fiery Appaloosa: I didn’t know whether to name what was before me and assign it symbolic meaning or hope that all this intelligence in nature would draw out the wise old sage in me.

In the moment, I was the wide-eyed child, astounded to see such a spectacle. And then, I remembered how I put away childish things, like wonder, so I could grow up. We all wanted to move forward with our lives.

In adolescence we fought for independence. We struggled between being under authority and assuming more responsibility. It was a convenient season of receiving from the ones we often blamed. Some of us chose to stay there.

And others? Owl’s hoot alerted us to our percussing on the open field, where we were claiming our independence. Later, we gravitated toward interdependence, allowing each others’ lives to touch our’s without demanding adherence to a particular way.

At a time, I poured through texts, looking for the wisdom of Philosophical Sage. Now, I walk through acres of sage, where deep calls to deep.

Sage bundles are known to purify and to attract Spirit. Likewise, transformational people radiate Spirit, inspiring us to be true.

A wise sage accepts reality without mindlessly conceding. She understands the importance of evolutionary stages and necessary periods of unlearning.

Defining ourselves provides a reason for ceremony, something for us to live into more fully, or release.  At a point, developmental stages, of knowing who we are, no longer need attention. For better or worse, we are simply grateful to be a part of all of this collective beauty.

Are you looking for someone to guide you? Look for a person who will assist you in finding your way to Love, rather than his, and one who has healed from her wounds.

Sage is objective, able to include all of Life’s experiences. Like Prophet, Mystic and Shaman, Sage passes through many deaths to become a wise guide. Begin by letting Mother Earth calm you. Then, wait to see who or what crosses your path.

Sacred Ruminations*

Imagine yourself an artist who creates from the depths of your being, your Essence. Though you are not the creation itself, you are not separate from it either. Now, consider the manifestation of Spirit in all things?