Crow is a shape-shifter and asks us to be shifters, as well. Though I’ve read stories, I have never known anyone who has altered their human form into that of a condor or wolverine. Even so, Crow caws to me.

Can I expect a common black bird to grant me supernatural powers? If so, would I become a fly on a wall and eavesdrop on an enemy’s secret plan? Probably not, and if not, what might I gain from listening to Crow?

We can relax. The Corvid’s ongoing invitation is practical. Crows represent change. It is no wonder that many cultures associate seeing crows with bad omens. 

As difficult as it may be, change is how our world will evolve. Am I willing to alter myself to being that change? Are you?

Crow is the guardian of Sacred Law. She caws, “Exert more of your energy on Sacred law than on ever-changing human law. Believe that who you are makes a difference both now and in the years to come.” 

Sacred law invites us to live the future into being. If we spend time in imaginative prayer and make intentional choices from the Sacred within, we give hope a chance of becoming reality.

Sages, mystics and shamans know it. Religious traditions teach it. Still, many of us struggle to believe that there can be something, on this earth, beyond our current external circumstances.

Though harsh domination may get us what we want, we lose something greater, a part of ourselves. In contrast to win-lose duality, Sacred law calls us to respect the interconnectedness of all people, places and things.

Lastly, Crow comes as a trickster. In hindsight, we often see some good in what we once labeled all bad, and a little bad in what we deemed wholly good. For that very reason, it behooves us to be patient and to know when to let things unfold.

In the meantime, we can answer Crow’s caw and be shape-shifters of our thoughts, intentions and actions. If we do that, we will indeed take on a different appearance.

Making Spirit Flesh*

Think about something good in a situation you once thought was all bad. Then, smile with trickster as you admit something in yourself that is not entirely true after all.