Shift in Perspective

Is there is anything in your life causing you to feel mired up? What if you could rise with Hawk and discover a shift in perspective?

Think about a loss that significantly changed you? Perhaps, for a long time you wanted to go back to fix something. 

Now, are you able to see a gift through the pain? Are you finished blaming others? Condemning yourself?

In her book Bittersweet, Susan Cain quotes Franz Kafka as saying, “Everything that you love in life, you will eventually lose. But in the end, love will return in a different form.”  

Can you see love in a different form? Job did.

If you have allowed your shattered hopes and dreams to lead you through a transfiguring process, you know the difference between being with people who have let deep sorrow transform them and those who have not. The former are gentler, kinder and more forgiving, because they’ve allowed Love to have its way.

Anyone can exert those traits outwardly. When you’ve been broken, however, you more easily sense when you, or anyone, is fighting the process.

Once, during a transformational time, I shared with a trusted other that I was weary of being angry.

She responded, “Look under your anger. What is there?” 

At that moment, I realized that I was hindering my growth by failing to be compassionate to myself. You see, anger was masking a deep hurt.

Maybe you have compartmentalized a particular suffering for so long that you are unaware of the burden you are carrying? Why do you nurture that which hurts you? Do you fear other people knowing the real you? If you are living from a genuineness, do their opinions matter?

Ponder this: Could you have ever known true love, without experiencing loss?

So I ask: What is love worth to you? What about truth, freedom and wholeness? Can you envision loving, knowing that it will break you wide open? How do you plan to make room for love in another form? 

A shift in perspective is a start.

Making Spirit Flesh*

Imagine soaring with Hawk. What do you see and hear?