Shift in Awareness

There may come a time when a traumatic event catalyzes your life. Living through the experience, with prayerful intention, not only brings healing, but also a shift in awareness.

Only those who have lived through similar experiences can relate. In fact, onlookers frequently make the situation worse. Oddly, we may begin sensing a stronger connection to the whole, while stepping away from people who continue to pull us back to negativity.

During transformational shifts, the somewhat forgotten mystical world becomes more real than the earth on which we stand. Small talk is harder to endure, as is spending much time around polarizing people.

So much of what used to excite us, turns boring and seeming insignificant encounters, wonder-filled. Nature vibrates through us, synchronicity appears, and our bodies alert us with changes in habits. Though thoroughly shattered, somehow we are more alive than ever!

Prayerfully walking through difficult circumstances may be the deepest form of gratitude for life. Also, acknowledging our devastation, without blame or judgment, unites us with those who lack in any way.

Allowing a shift in consciousness opens us to the joy and love that overflows from our truest selves. Surprisingly, our happier selves may invite harsh challenges from others? Gradually, we are heightened to the long-lasting damage, of ongoing dysfunction, on other people, because we have endured the affects ourselves.

The gift in our trials, whether health, economic or relational, is that they drive us deeper still, into the sacred world, away from expectations of any person, place or thing fully satisfying our inner longings.

Living our experiences, while fighting through to pure intentions, is life-altering prayer. Disruptions are everywhere; yes, in places and with people we go to, seeking refuge or assistance as we make life-changes. Since nothing can completely satisfy, we learn to hold all, lightly.

Though often prompted by outer experiences, any shift in awareness comes from Sacred within. Accepting each situation as an opportunity to hone our intentions and see the world through more compassionate eyes, frees us and if we are free, we are more apt to free the people around us.

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